I have stuff to do, so why…? AjaxWrite

It’s 9.53. This morning I have already written an abortive email demanding that my line manager change the long-time-no-see time in our VLE. I asked my Italian colleague what happened after the Lutherans beseiged the pope in 1527, as described at the end of ‘Leo the African’ by Amin Maalouf (he had no idea). Then I reported some spam. Then I looked at my jobs.ac.uk email. Then I looked at Slashdot. Looking at Slashdot involved going looking up Blackberry and Treo on Wikipedia, and trying out AjaxWrite, beta version of new web-based word processing. Very promising but has a way to go to cater for those of us who do habitually put MS Word through its paces. I can’t seem to use styles, for example, and I miss my toolbars. Anyway, promising and definitely the way things will be in The Future (with everything we write stored on the web and searched by robots, probably).
Now it’s 10:10. Back to the chapter Wiki.


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