My unilateral local UCU

So our local branch has – an irregularity – invited Haim Bresheeth to speak against the motion to overturn the academic boycott of Israel. He thinks Jews are in moral perdition and he’s not the only one: Definitely to be read with an eye out for rhetoric, and unsubstantiated claims.
To add insult to injury, on the 4th of next month a branch meeting will be held during which we’ll be asked to affiliate with the Stop The War coalition. Their aims and constitution are tucked away in a corner of their site.

This much I know:

  • The war in question here is the War on Terrorism which makes their purpose at least as vague as George Bush’s.
  • Their Vice Presidents include George Galloway, another vicious windbag who likes us to see red and not think
  • They seem to express their opposition to the war on terror as support for terror. They (I need to fact-check this) supplied banners reading “We are all Hezbullah now”. But, of course, the original person to spout that was Norman Finkelstein, who is Jewish, so how can that be anti-Jewish?
  • They haven’t upheld item 5 in their aims – to oppose racist backlash. They only seem to recognise one type of racism. They omitted to call for Hizballah to stop bombing Israel. That’s not a war they’re bothered about stopping.

Somebody today said that on principal he wouldn’t join a union with the acronym Uck U.

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