JISC Capital and Learner Experience Calls

Misery. I went to the Town Meeting to be briefed about how to bid for the current funding. I was supposed to go to sessions on Virtual Research Environments and on E-Learning. I spent the day before the Town Meeting at the e-Framework workshop where I briefed myself on JISC’s domain mapping efforts. Am I being too prejudiced when I think that this is anathema to most of the academics where I work? Even if they make time to have it explained to them, they won’t have the time to map what they are doing onto the framework. Will they? We’ll see.

Well, when I say “We’ll see”, I don’t mean me. Because I had a subsequent meeting with the Pro Warden Learning, the Head of IT and my immediate boss where they snookered all my ideas and talk themselves out of any they might have hatched. Which made the three other meetings I’d arranged and convened a waste of time. No not true actually. I met 2 blokes from a centre at the interface of psychology and computing. One of them already has a 50% share in a £2.2m grant from the EPSRC to work on a multi-site project to come up with new ways of searching media (e.g. not just artist / title but also e.g. waltz, oboe, mood, season, &tc) and to achieve this he’s setting up a Virtual Research Environment. And studing it, to which end he’s going to be bidding for a bit of the capital himself. Good. The other bloke I’m going to meet is the 2nd in command of Sociology, whose brains I hope to pick about methodology. So all in all this has galvanised me into coming out of my hole where I have self-consciously hidden for some time now waiting to be asked for assistance …
In that spirit, I’ll be meeting a bloke from Design who’ll show me round there. There are people in Design who have funding to create software with no purpose in mind. Pure speculative research and development. Should be interesting.

I also went to the ePed Experts group meeting which was friendly and interesting as always. I might bid for some of the Learner Experience money instead. Maybe to do with new inequalities.

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