Bonfire night Friday

EJ and I met at Tulse Hill and Dave collected us from the Half Moon next to Brockwell Park. We got Matt on the way in and found Justin with his family next to a crepe place at the top of the hill.

The fireworks were no expense spared and there seem to have been some technological advances – hearts and flowers and some that did a sequence of 3 or 4 different things. I like the ones which go high, and explode fast and wide so you feel you’re being sucked into the sky at warp speed. EJ was really happy that none of us were paying Lambeth council taxes because the whole show lasted about 30 minutes. I was really happy because the fireworks were shaking my solar plexus and Dave was muttering a funny commentary behind me.

Then we went up to Kick on Shoreditch High St where we picked up Matt and Robin and a nice little table with mellow lighting downstairs. Matt and Robin reminisced about summerwork in Aquascutum, we had a mini argument about whether or not George Bush was the biggest threat to world piece, and I don’t know what else we talked about. Robin had met Momus and developed an appreciation of the American People. And he wants the one-eyed golly. But today the shop was shut.


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