News dream

This dream is a littered with the news. There was nothing but a ship (maybe this was the quarter-of-a-mile-long Emma Maersk which is making a delivery of Chinese christmas stuff at Felixstowe), but at some stage EJ, Matt and I went on shore and had a look at an enormous molluscy animal (bit like Jabba the Hut) which seemed slow and harmless. EJ was examining its enormous open craw. I had a sense of forboding and told her to watch out because she had her head too far down into its mouth. The scene was like one of those patient, motionless, camouflage alligators who suddenly snap up animals which wander too close. Then quick as a flash it gulped her down into a mouth like a snail’s mouth but peppered with blunt incisors (distinctly Miyazaki’s Spirited Away). Immediately Matt ran up to the animal, forced its mouth open and followed her in. A herculean struggle ensued inside the creature which shook and twitched like a bag of ferrets, trying unsuccessfully to swallow them (like the pelican and pigeon in Regents Park). Eventually it quit and sicked them up. They were perfectly fine, even looked clean, but they smelt revolting.

We stayed with Angela who was looking after Kate’s baby because Kate had gone on shore to Medical School. We slept in a huge and populous dormitory with rows and rows of rustic ‘cottage’ style pine beds. I felt sorry for the people who had to sleep next to the pool tables and pendant lights at one end of the room, because the dormitory was also a games room.


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