Ontologies in e-learning

Happened on this, which is worth keeping in mind at all times – particularly in the light of the e-Framework:

However, this ontology mania requires a community consensus and agreement. In a recent interview with Tom Gruber for AIS SIGSEMIS Bulletin — (Gruber, 2004) — he emphasises that ‘Every ontology is a treaty — a social agreement — among people with some common motive in sharing.’ This social agreement between the people on the learning domain is maybe the most challenging aspect of the current evolution of the Semantic Web for learning.

Lytras, M. and Naeve, A. (2006). Semantic e-learning: synthesising fantasies. British Journal of Educational Technology;37(3):479–491.

(The Gruber quotation:  Gruber T. (2004). Every ontology is a treaty—a social agreement—amongst people with some common motive in sharing: an interview with Tom Gruber. AIS SIGSEMIS Bulletin;1(3), 4-8 October.)


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