Christmas begins

Last night with a gathering of people who know Nick and people who know people who know Nick, in Clapham Junction. The only Christmassy thing about it was Nick’s T-shirt and the only Christmassy thing about that was about 20 small grey Christmas tree silhouettes in un-Christmas colours. People were up for it though – arrived back at M&M’s past 3. Best bit of gossip was about Vic’s neighbour who doesn’t know how to hide the hardcore porn which is on show to everyone connecting to his unprotected wireless connection. Also his affair with an anaesthetist and consequent brief period of homelessness when his wife (and mother of his 1 yo baby) slung him out. Treacherous amateur. Chris and Mitch tried to comfort me about my job-hatred, Gina tried to spur me to leave and take charge of life. Mitch understands about not wanting to play along with being in a jobs market, Chris thinks the key is self-belief. Gina and Chris are getting along well and Chris has grown a luxuriant and startling black beard. Brian was his usual surreal, expansive self and Tom drank as much as usual which led to one of our conversations where we both pretend I think he’s stupid. Caroline said that after the weekend at our house last summer she was ill for 4 days, but her doctor said it wasn’t the vine leaves. Matt P and I discussed killing ourselves in his micra with rope round our necks and tied to something stationary behind us. I wasn’t serious, but he’s pretty down at the moment – what I can do about that is call him v soon.

Started seasonal shopping (rot Christmas). Got 6 tree baubles for the babies. Some deli food to give hosts. Books from the British Museum. A solar powered prism thing for Ben’s light window. Oh I’ve had enough of thinking about it, why do I even bother?


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