Eastern Europe on the High Street

A new establishment has opened on Barkingside High Street – a grocery and the nearest thing we have to a delicatessen. It sells only Eastern European food, most strikingly, dried meat on platters. There’s no English on any of the packets, so I guess they know who they’re catering for.

Many Eastern European voices on the Central Line East.

As of time of writing, Barkingside High Street boasts 2 kosher bakeries, a clairvoyant and vendor of tarot cards, crystals, &tc, a cheesecake shop, several cheap boutiques, a few pricey boutiques, a tanning shop, a bike shop, a butcher’s, a kosher supermarket, many pound shops, an army surplus, a DIY / ironmongery, many charity shops, many estate agents, many banks, many shoe shops, many hairdressers, a Next rejects place, Woolworths, a lingerie place with sex shop at the back, a stationer’s, Boots, McDonalds, the Met station, a cafe, a few Indians, a few Chineses, a few kebaberies, a few burger joints, a KFC, an eel and pie shop, a greasy spoon, a branch of Wanstead Appliances, a pet shop, Costcutters, at least one nail bar, a few newsagents, Clintons Cards, Smoker’s Paradise, a couple of opticians, Superdrug, Somerfields, Sainsbury’s, post office, library, swimming pool, Pizza Hut take-out, McDonalds, Iceland, a Next reject outlet, the Chequers (local frequented by Barkingside’s grimmest residents, which looks like it would have a “No dogs, blacks or Irish” sign) and an oak tree.

In Tooting at the weekend we signed a petition calling on the govt to invest more in threatened local hospitals. Dully surprised to notice in the small print that the origins of this petition were the Conservative Party. I asked the youth peddling it whether he was a member of the Conservative Party – he was. A turnip.


2 thoughts on “Eastern Europe on the High Street

  1. Yes, of course, you’re right – Rossi’s. And the Fairlop Oak, the nicer pub (Wetherspoons, good mix of people but a bit grubby). And Parduotuve is not strictly speaking the nearest thing we have to a deli – Yossi’s is pretty good too.

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