A paltry life as my own PA

I’m quite worried about Matt. There are no messages on my phone. If he’s not back by 6, I’ll have to turn detective.

To pass the time I document below the sorry way I spent my last day off of the year.

  1. Filled in passport form (involved a telephone queue to find out what they do if they can’t tell if you’re you when comparing old and new photos).
  2. Wrote card to Australia
  3. Got passport photos from library (involved getting change)
  4. Photocopied my PhD degree certificate
  5. Bought scissors to cut off two passport photos
  6. Dropped off Matt’s suit at dry cleaners
  7. Posted letter with cheque to pay for cottages for nine.
  8. Queued out the door of the Post Office to send the passport renewal application Special, send the card to Australia and get stamps.
  9. Paid in a cheque
  10. Bought paper and parcel tape from Mayfairs
  11. Responded to my brother’s query about what to get various members of Matt’s family for Xmas
  12. Paid some of my Visa off over the Web
  13. Transferred money to our joint account to pay for cottages for 9.
  14. Called Friends Provident to belatedly find out how to notify them about a change of address
  15. Phoned Smile to find out how I notify them of a change of title
  16. Wrote two letters – to Smile and Friends Provident
  17. Looked for a digiframe on the Web for Matt’s parents
  18. Found and bought Matt’s Xmas present by phone (Matt just called – he’s been having his hair cut. I knew that, apparently [actually, I did])
  19. Wrapped his aunt and uncle’s parcel.
  20. Wrote his brother’s card (also his present)
  21. Darned the underarms of my purple jumper
  22. Posted the two letters and queued out the door of the Post Office to send parcel Recorded.
  23. Collected the suit
  24. Phoned Comet about the digiframe and ended up buying it for delivery next Thurs before 6.

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