Bourgeois Boheme and a move into London

With some trepidation I ordered shoes over the Web for the first time from a vegan company called Bourgeois Boheme. They’re 1930s-style two inch round-toed with two straps which cross and button – olive green. The leather is a good fake. They arrived today in a hand-packed brown paper parcel addressed “Especially for” me and with a hand-written compliments slip from the owners. I liked that, but I hope that doesn’t mean that they haven’t they got anything better to do. Because I want them to prosper – pretty vegan shoes are difficult to come by – there’s some monstrous stuff out there. Like these.

The shoes (Ruth Olive size 36.75) are pretty nice – good fit, nice colour, toe cleavage, a little baggy in the straps (which aren’t adjustable) but I’m hanging onto them. Verdict: Bourgeois Boheme, je vous adore.

The other interesting thing so far is that there was an announcement on Fairlop platform today that as of January 7th 2006, we will be Zone 4 instead of Zone 5. Woo! Doesn’t change the fields and the farm shop, but it should change my tube fare. Or would that be too obvious…?

Oh, and Matt dropped his mobile phone down the toilet in his hotel – onto brown!

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