Three weddings

After a dejected tail-off in the number of friends’ weddings (corresponding perhaps to a spike in the number of their babies), my friend R called last night to invite me to hers. We hadn’t spoken since summer so I asked a couple of tactless questions – was this the man she’d told me about last time we met? No this was somebody else – her family hadn’t got on with the other man’s family so they’d abandoned thoughts of marriage. Her family had found this man (M), everyone had got on and she’d thought “Why not?” (remarking offhandedly that this is how her culture works). She’ll be leaving her family’s home and joining his in Birmingham, leaving her job, her friends, and everything familiar. She sounded bright but, to me, brittle. She doesn’t know him very well, but she’s approaching her late 20s and comes from a caste which restricts her choices (I keep meaning to ask about this – I thought Islam rejected the idea of caste). I’m be going to her house on the last Saturday in January (her hen party) and the wedding is the following day at the Ilford Islamic Centre.

F and M are getting married at Sutton House in Hackney in February, with a reception at Frocks next to Vicky Park. I feel lucky we’re going to that one because it’s going to be teeny. And Z and J are getting married probably in a folly outside Exeter, although J wants Peckham, his manor.

Other news – my birthday has started. Went with A & T to Eat and 2 Veg where I had a pretty desultory veggie burger which followed some seitan mock duck. They gave me a book by the Idler bloke on how to be free. This struck me as surprising since we had a couple of conversations which suggested that they would disagree with pretty much everything he argues. Good to see them.

Matt is trying to keep our fire alight – the wood we have is a bit green. And we don’t get to choose, cos naturally we only burn what comes our way.


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