All the threes

As of Jan 17th. Matt has done an amazing surprise. A train from Liverpool St to Harwich late on the first Thursday in February. At Harwich we board a Stena ferry to Hook of Holland in which we will travel overnight in a VIP double cabin. Then we go stay with Gloria who lives amongst the Amsterdam canals for 3 nights!

Since I haven’t left the Britain since 2001, and have only once been on a tiny boat from Bournemouth to the Isle of Wight for an afternoon, it’s terribly exciting.

Birthday was fairly uneventful except S gave me some salty licorice and a giant space hopper which we bounced up and down the office. Left work early to go to olivetree and talked about their Web site. Going to make it over. EJ in the evening in a superlative little Samuel Smiths pub called the Rising Sun, down a passage off the bullring next to Barts. Jerry has dysentry from their trip to India. Then dinner with Matt in deserted Lebanese on St John’s street. Unique mint-rose tea.

Matt’s mum and dad gave me a Good Gift of a chilli hedge to prevent elephants from spoiling crops in Bangladesh. I’m pleased that my birthday was the occasion for somebody to receive protection for their crops. Tonight MS’s taking me to The Gate in Hammersmith whose menu is more eventful than last time I looked. And tomorrow I’m meeting people at Kick.

And that’s my birthday. I don’t look my age. No grey, no lines (greasey skin – my GCSE biology teacher always said it would pay off in the end) except in some lights scowl lines between eyebrows. I’m as slim as I ever was, fitter and suppler. My posture’s better, gait too. I know myself. More adventurous. Better student. Dress more intelligently. I think I found another breast lump, and there’s something slightly wrong with my left hip joint. But not bad, not bad for 33.

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