“There are few cases of straightforward genocide in which a dominant state sets out to annihilate an ethnic group because of who they are (rather than what they do or think). The Nazis arguably did so against the Jews; Rwanda’s Hutu génocidaires did so against the Tutsis.”

And in Darfur, the Janjaweed are slaughtering the ethnically African.

The article is http://www.newstatesman.com/200701150028, the author is Brian Brivati, who’s one of Engage’s advisory editors.

(With my Jewdar on, I can’t work out what he means by “arguably”. Because I can’t imagine a difference. Unless he means that Hutus and Janjaweed are unsophisticated thugs without the need for genocide-licensing rhetoric and mythology. That casual little “arguably” – I can’t figure it…)


2 thoughts on ““arguably”

  1. The “arguably” refers, as clearly stated in the comment I posted on the article, to the well-established academic debate between intentionalists and functionalists about the timing and nature of the Nazis decision to launch the final solution. It does not refer to the fact of the holocaust. Did the Nazis plan on killing all Jews from the beginning of the regime or did it develop as a reposnse to events and circumstances. The Hutus intention was to kill all the Tutusi. The Jangaweed’s intentions are less clear.

  2. Thanks Brian, I thought there was a reason.

    It created a bit of a diversion from Darfur in the article’s comments – one comment says:

    “Funny, huh! The debate is about Nazis eliminating the Jews. Shows where the real importance lies, huh! Certainly not with the plight of the people of Dafur.”

    I can understand the indignation.

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