How to write a critical letter

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Interdisciplinary read

David Buckingham and Andrew Burn
Published: 19 January 2007

We are reassured that The Times Higher has not abandoned its policy of commissioning reviews of books in the field of media and cultural studies from reviewers who have absolutely no understanding of the field.

The review of our recent media studies textbook on computer games (Books, January 12), written by a computer scientist and professor of geometry, provides a delightfully amusing example. It displays an exceptionally acute eye for irrelevant detail and a refreshingly naive ignorance of the fundamental aims and methods of cultural analysis.

We urge you to extend this entertaining approach to other subject areas – the books on atomic physics reviewed by medieval art historians, and the books on poststructuralist philosophy reviewed by monetary economists.

Perhaps you could ask some media and cultural studies scholars to review the latest titles in computer science and geometry?

David Buckingham and Andrew Burn. Institute of Education. University of London


One thought on “How to write a critical letter

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