Royal ‘pain-in-the-arse’ Mail

The tears have just dried.

Reference: DH601202782GB

This was sent Signed For for Christmas, but was not delivered successfully. It was then Returned To Sender, but the sender (me) was on holiday and could not receive it. I did receive a card notifying me of an attempted delivery and I suspect that this related to my original delivery above. But I wasn’t able to pick the item up from the Sorting Office (Ilford) within the week that was stipulated on the card.

Last Monday 22nd Jan 07 the Web Tracking service said that the item was in transit. I called Customer Services. Customer Services told me it was still at Ilford after all. I was offered the opportunity to pick it up from Barkingside High St from last Wednesday 24th. Today (Saturday 27th) I queued at Barkingside to pick up the item, but they didn’t have it. The agent there gave me the number of the Ilford Sorting Office but it was constantly engaged.

I then called Royal Mail and held for ages to eventually speak to Tracking agent Denise. She said that the previous Customer Services person I tried to speak with made a mistake. Denise said that person shouldn’t have offered the opportunity to collect from Barkingside. Instead the item was held at Ilford for a further 7 days but have gone now. She then said all she could do was put me through to Customer Services. I didn’t get to speak to anybody but heard a recorded message directing me to the Web site. Then I was cut off.

I have so much to do today that tears of frustration at my wasted morning are rolling down my cheeks as I type this. The whole experient has been so awful I feel like screaming. Please tell me how I can get this important Christmas present back so I can deliver it by hand.

I really should chill out, but I have to apply for a job, write an Expression of Interest for the HEA, get a guide to Amsterdam out of the library, and go to a Hen Night, and write down an interesting dream I had last night.

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