Last weekend

MD and I went to Wildlife Photographer of the Year at the Natural History Museum. I went along early to get tickets (the advance booking is only up to 48 hours in advance) and wandered round the Human Biology exhibition, culminating in enormous (and solitary) mirth at a video in which a researcher hid toys under towels and the young babies whose toys they were thought the toy had ceased to exist.

WPotY was pretty good though very congested in the corners. But we had to queue to get into the building, queue to check in our bags and coats (in case we were anti-Shell paint-chuckers) and queue to get them back. I loved  Jean-Pierre Zwaenepoel’s Sunlit Langur,  Solvin Zankl’s Rockhopper Rush-Hour, Pete Oxford’s Golden-Crowned Sifaka, and Andy Rouse’s Rival Kings.

Then we went to get M’s coat so I got to see inside Crown Estate on Regent St. Then Islington and a meal with Matt in the Afghan Kitchen (35 Islington Green, Islington, London, N1 8DU, Telephone: 0871 3328027 ) and went to see The Science of Sleep which was quite lovely if over-long and ultimately meaningless.

Sunday we cleaned like drudges (scrubbed the floor of the dining room, washed the sofa covers, hoovered the kitchen drawers, took stuff to the dump/recycling depot, descaled the kettle – that kind of thing).

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