Abdelkareem Soliman


Which I translated using you-guessed-it-Google’s Arabic to English translator (Beta). Fragmented incoherent English like this:

 “I am here announced explicitly and clearly my rejection and repudiation of any law, any legislation, any regime that does not respect the rights of the individual personal freedom, does not recognize the absolute freedom of the individual to do anything as long as around not affect materially does not recognize the freedom of Alavra d Launched to express their views, no matter how important Tin as long as it has this view merely an opinion or talk by u singled not accompanied by any act of physical harm to others. At the same time, I made it clear that these laws not in any way obligates nor recognized in the presence of Ha and detestable my deepest everyone working on the implementation of all pw silencing to satisfy all of their presence or benefit.”

But a rejection of religion in public life and a will to speak freely come out in defiance of his arse on the line and for that reason I salute him.

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