The weekend

EJB’s 33rd birthday luncheon, with KT, RW and her new boyfriend Ben, and of course JR and Matt. Got a bit raunchy and shouty towards the end. Good fun.

A came round this morning with a worrying story – he had some work done a while back on his house and this week received some calls about it. The caller told A that he was calling on behalf of the contracted company which had tiled the roof, to demand that Alan paid some VAT which had not been paid. The caller said he was from Staines, but the contractor was from Grays. After that conversation A talked to his solicitor and confirmed that he had nothing to pay that he hadn’t already paid. But the caller persisted, and threatened to come and take the tiles off the roof unless A paid! Last time he called, A picked up the phone, said only “There’s no money and I’ve notified the police”, and hung up. The caller called right back and told him that people would be round promptly to collect the tiles of the roof. So we’re all to keep an eye out – should be fairly conspicuous. Only it won’t ever happen.

There’s a lot of scummy people about at the moment.


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