Conservapedia has been set up by conservatives in the States as a counterpoint to Wikipedia. Another manifestation of Right concern about Left bias in public institutions. Here’s what the Conservapedia entry on Conservapedia currently includes:

Wikipedia and Conservapedia

Recent discussions by contributers to Wikipedia, as well as the editorial staff, have come to the conclusion that the Conservapedia site does not merit an entry.[3] Many reasons are cited, including:

lack of appropriate citations in Conservapedia
lack of reference to Conservapedia from any other site
“faith-based” approach towards fact verification that ignores standard research methods
strong censorship of entries from editorial staff, which opposes traditional “wiki” guidelines

The conclusion was reached that Conservapedia will be considered for an entry should it demonstrate a higher degree of relevance outside of its own circle of readers. A few months later, Wikipedia did post an entry about Conservapedia.


After featuring on this morning’s Today Programme, it’s probably worth checking back in a week or so. But as the representative of Wikipedia pointed out, it’s using the same technology and models as Wikipedia so how can it not suffer from similar problems? And since its gross values are embodied in its own name it’s biased from the outset. David Horowitz wouldn’t (well, shouldn’t) like it –


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