A twist and a Palestinian Solidarity Campaign purge

Engage reports a twist – Jewish anti-zionists put two anti-racist motions to the PSC conference; these attempted to retrieve PSC from the antisemitism personified by people like Atzmon and Eisen. According to The Cutter (who admittedly doesn’t come across as very trustworthy) these were met with paroxysms of indignation and fell almost unanimously. In her account of the votes, she says:

“With J.A.Z. and J.S. activists popping up on all sides, coupled with the intervention of their Christian Passionara from Birmingham [Sue Blackwell], it began to look more like a Zionist takeover of PSC than a simple call for the excommunication of Paul Eisen, the Jewish humanist…”

I can only imagine the disappointment (or would it be satisfaction?) of the non-Jewish members of PSC as they saw their Jewish champions revealed, like spots on a leopard, as nothing more than another Zionist cabal, and the determination with which they must have moved to irradicate the cancer.

The excitement of seeing their July 2005 prediction come to pass is palpable on Engage. One of the commenters on the article, who goes by Igor, nicely dissects the situation:

“Greenstein/Rance/Elf have just experienced two things that Zionist Jews have known for many years: firstly, that most non-Jewish anti-Zionists simply do not care about antisemitism, or at least not enough to allow opposition to it to obstruct their anti-Zionist activities; secondly, that whenever anyone raises the issue, the default reaction of most non-Jewish anti-Zionists is to accuse them of doing so for cynical political reasons, rather than because they are genuinely worried about antisemitism.

There’s a flavour of just desserts in some of the comments – the baddies are getting humiliated and educated at the same time. Only they aren’t. The anti-semitic anti-zionists – just unanimously won their vote, signalling that the self-styled anti-racist anti-zionists are probably at the end of their PSC shelf-life. In this way, the anti-zionist movement is, as Igor puts it, “liberating itself from its Jewish figleaves”. Whether the new fig leaves Gilad Atzmon and Paul Eisen will remain mounted on the assembled anti-zionist genitals will be (Igor again):

“…conditional on their ability to put to one side their specifically Jewish perspective, unless they use it as a platform from which to bash Zionist Jews.”

“…I suppose it’s always exhilarating to be told that you no longer have to observe whatever political correctness had previously restricted your wilder thoughts and feelings. What is at first surprising but on second thoughts perhaps entirely necessary, is that this is a consequence of receiving permission from other Jews – the Atzmon/Eisen clique – to do so. Or to put it another way, where Greenstein and Rance kosherised the anti-Zionist discourse, Atzmon says “hey, you don’t need to be kosher – you can eat treif!””

Another couple of commenters predict that Atzmon’s and Eisen’s denouncement as the next treacherous Jewish cabal is inevitable because the PSC has clearly absorbed the “judaic power” and “judaic mindset” thesis.

This is disturbing – things seemed polarised already but now we’re forced to distinguish between the sinister anti-zionists and the dangerous anti-zionists. The PSC has backed further into its sordid little hole and is afraid that it will be riven into factions over whether being seen to reject anti-semitism – which evidently rubs them up the wrong way – is worth it in terms of credibility. Igor:

“When the pro-Palestinian movement starts loving Palestinians more than it hates Zionists, maybe it can actually do some good.”

That’s true. I hope they all self-destruct. Otherwise things could get very nasty, I’d imagine. But then again Atzmon appears to be a self-important twerp and Eisen’s DYR site is so out of date I can hardly take it seriously. I’ll watch the pundits.


One thought on “A twist and a Palestinian Solidarity Campaign purge

  1. Another comment, from NYCBen, 13 March:

    “… this is not about anti-racists being defeated by anti-Semites. It’s about one group of anti-Semites being defeated by another group. And the victors have the advantage of consistency.”

    The entire comments page is worth reading, including the beginnings of a discussion about the distinction between far-left and far-right anti-semitism.

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