On trust and being a sitting duck

Further to this earlier post about trusting the Vegan Society, which in turn takes on trust the assurances of companies to whose products it grants its logo, we learn today that millions of eggs sold as free-range are actually from battery farms and earlier this month were reminded that we can’t take our eye off ethical food labelling organisations such as the RSPCA’s Freedom Food for a moment.

Without spot-checks, we’re all sitting ducks. The Vegan Society is complacent – think about all those scrupulous vegans willing to dig deep in their pockets if it protects the well-being people and animals. We’re ripe for exploitation unless we take an interest in the accountability of the retailers we do business with. Otherwise, like innumerable well-meaning people before us, we’re liable to be duped by every unscrupulous entrepreneur who sees a way to profit from our consciences.


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