Blogging software – overcoming shortcomings to do with the difference between public and anonymous

Thanks AR for fixing it so that I and colleagues can assign a predefined tag to our bookmarks and they will automatically appear in our shared work It was pissing me off – not to mention against the ethos of networked bookmarking – to be having to manage one bookmark in two places.

Much as I dislike blogging in two places. What would really make me happy now are the following, which would allow individual blog entries of an anonymous author’s choice to be syndicated to another blog where the bloggers identity is known (e.g. a work blog) in such a way as its origin is undisclosed and the syndicated entry cannot be easily linked with other entries in the originating blog but at the same time the originating blog is as public as its anonymous author wants it to be:

  1. A way to feed posts from my personal blog to a work blog.
    Reason: I don’t like compartmentalising my blogging life – after all, what’s relevant to life is often – ideally – relevant to work, and vice versa.
  2. The method should allow selective syndication from the originating blog in such a way as individual entries could be aggregated to another (possibly shared) blog without readers or admins being able to trace it back. The point is not to anonymise the entry, but to unhitch the syndicated post from the originating blog.
    Reason: public anonymous blogging is exhilarating – makes its writers think carefully, write well, and anticipate responses. What I’m proposing here is the only way to integrate accountable work and anonymous life into one blog, and allow each to benefit from the other.
  3. There should be the option, for those posts which are syndicated to the accountable blog, to direct search engines which index them to the public accountable blog, rather than the public anonymous one, or vice versa, or both, or neither (there’s a word for that – I don’t remember it).

I’m listening to Elbow’s Leaders of the Free World. This is not their greatest album (smooth and sugary) but I had the sudden urge to listen to it for the memories I knew it would bring of the Cambrian Way last summer. My favourite is Forget Myself because on top of that, it also reminds me of making our way to Sackville Street every weekend when I lived in Manchester, and it has the best lyrics. The memories get jumbled and overlayed, which is the intriguing thing about music and aging.


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