First day of my holiday

It’s been nice – really nice. It’s a beautiful soft spring day with tiny girls in sundresses on the High Street.

I worked on a web site makeover (olive tree) between 9 and 3 and the work worked – good because I’d been dogged by frustrations with style sheet positioning, DHTML and W3C validation . The trustees approved a third intake of students and it’s a good job I was around to update the (horrible) old website because the deadline for applications is mid May.

Worryingly, I’m as ill as I’ve been in years – coughing up a lung, aching sinuses, pain in the top left front eighth of my head when I cough, no puff, watery eyes, rasberry-grey complexion, sneezing every 30 seconds, photosensitivity. Everything that comes out of my mouth and nose is bright green so I’m clearly infected. To the aforementioned arsenal I’ve added ginger, tiger balm and olbas oil, but any self-respecting doctor would probably scoff. Something tells me I’m going to have an uncomfortable week and doubley so when we start going uphill.

I had a brief foray onto the High Street for sticky back plastic (my fuji manual, for our walk), black card (to back Henry’s portrait of Number 6) and a clipframe (to frame the latter). Mayfair Stationers is a wonderful place – they’re ordering my clipframe and it’ll arrive tomorrow. Also tried on some sandals but no good. Dropped in on one of our cobblers to inquire about mending my right walking boot the upper of which is detaching from the bit of plastic which comes over it to stop water getting in (I think he called it the water trap). I’m really impressed by Barkingside cobblers – they’re more up for mending things than any others I’ve known. He’s going to try to glue it and won’t charge unless that works. £3. Maybe he took pity on me – I look a fright today, hair like string and breathing through my mouth. Then I went for pitta from Yossi’s, forgetting that it’s Pesach (so sad, that I’m permitted to forget). Ditto soya ice-cream from La Boucherie (which is no longer called that, or anything). Then I bought a smoothy from Hi-Juice (apple, orange, carrot and ginger, The Energiser). Got matzo from Somerfield. Saw a ferret on a lead which wouldn’t walk to heel because was taking too keen an interest in the crud which builds up where the pavement meets the buildings. Popped in on the rabbits in the petshop, heard a south african dad remark to his daughters about the lack of meat on them. Went home, seeing Mr Patel in gloves with a surly grandson on the way and nearly catching up with three of the next door neighbours (holding hands, so cute.)

Now I think I’ll go and read the Mod4L report, because it marks a corner in the design for learning programme.


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