More on the shoes

Further to this post about Bourgeois Boheme’s Evelyns, I bought a pair for a fiver from Risky, so that I could talk to the manager and ask for the number of their head office. Manager said that “Risky sells cheap shoes – that’s Risky” and was skeptical about the superior workers’ welfare claimed by BB. Putting that to one side for a while, I called Blushu (which I finally pinpointed on the Web – they’re based in Leicestershire) to discuss the £44 discrepancy between Risky and Bourgeois Boheme’s retail price. Woman called me back to say that Risky buys in greater bulk than BB and is therefore charged less per unit, and if I want to know more I should inquire with the retailers. Fair enough, but £44 is a huge difference. What next? What am I after here? I suppose part of it is reassurance that the extra money BB is charging is going to the workers. BB trade on their ethical approach, and should be accountable for it. Sound reasonable? It might be but it’s certainly not normal – in fact it’s radical to expect a retailer to make that kind of information transparent. The other thing I know now is that Risky is not dodgy and came by the shoes legitimately, which begs the question – already raised by Risky’s manager – are the people who manufacture these shoes getting a good deal? Two questions to put to Bourgeoise Boheme. Not to mention the environmentally friendly claim.


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