Another day in paradise

That’s Barkingside and Ilford.

Got up with the larks and cleaned the house extremely thoroughly – under the bed, each venetian blind, the little wells on the hob, under the sofa pads – everything, because I want to return to a clean house at the end of next week. Did a couple of washes (and a clean bed). Coughed my guts up continually. Collected my boot from the cobblers – the glue job went well – the man is clearly passionate about patching up old footwear so I plan to drop in my 50yo knee-highs next week – and clipframe which turned out to be plastic – grr – teach me to buy unseen, and swapped some music at the library for walking to drown out the sound of Brian and Matt prattling about clothes, makeup, depillation and all that boy stuff.

Went to Ilford on the 169 – sat with P for a bit and we talked about the cowboys who threatened to take A’s roof tiles off if he didn’t pay them some extra money they weren’t entitled to. Shopped for underwear, cord for hanging pictures, ribbon for tying bags made of Matt’s old shirts round around old lavender (last Sunday one of my friends, a recent parent, accused me of having too much time on my hands – she should see how much I blog these days! To be fair, I used to fill my spare time with friends but they’ve dispersed with their babies to 3-bed semis in the home counties and I’ve little choice but to sit here talking to myself. Well, I could work on my career… Anyway:) and rucksack liners. Came home with additional fake meat by Redwood (it’s filthy but I love it) and fake fabric birkenstocks by Millets for £3.49 – should fit in at the youth hostels. On the way back I took my voucher to Hi-Juice and had a Brain Food. The little girls who work there are delightful. Then went to Army & Navy for a second rucksack liner and got an earful from the guv for crossing his threshold with a Millets bag. I wanted a 25-45l rucksack liner but he only had one size – up to 75l. On inspection it turned out to be an orange rubble sack pretty much so I said I’d leave it. On the way out (he needed to go to the bank) he asked me what I’d bought from Millets. When I told him a rucksack liner he asked the price, hooted when I told him £6.99 but laughed when I told him it was a proper one, not just an orange binbag. In all the times I’ve been in there I’ve never bought a thing, but I feel bad about the Millets bag and I’ll make Army & Navy my first port of call in future.

Fleshisgrass. Keeping it real on the high street 😉

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