Another late-discovered attribution

I may be poorly-read, but better late than never.

Howard Gardner allows me to attribute the old wisdom about blindness to the potential of emerging technologies – new technologies not knowing themselves when they come into existence (but who am I quoting now – who who put it like that??? Eco quoting McLuhan? The editor of the book I dipped into recently on Pierce?) which consigned, for example, early cinema as a medium for broadcasting theatrical productions:

“Marshall McLuhan had genuine insights here. McLuhan argued that new media invariably begin by presenting the contents of the old media: radio and movies first presented the theatrical stage, television initially was visually-presented radio, and so on … It takes time to arrive at the forms of presentation that take advantage of the distinctive features of each new medium.”

Gardner, H (2007). Is the medium the message? Available from:

And from Terry Anderson is a morsel on the laws of media and PLEs: He argues that PLEs make VLEs obsolete. I feel this is only true if you’ve maintained a state of denial about VLEs being learning, rather than teaching, environments all along.

Some have argued that PLEs obsolete (sic)* formal learning itself, however I believe that the opening of the landscape by PLE’s (sic) creates more, rather than diminishes opportunity for guides, assessors and valuators of knowledge- tasks that define today’s and I suspect tomorrow’s formal education functionality.”

*When I see ‘obsolete’ used as a verb I feel the same way as when I come across the word ‘leverage’ used as a verb – kind of scratchy.


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