The vegans are coming

Not that all publicity is good publicity but I’d suggest it’s been a good week for veganism, which is finally entering public consciousness as a proposition worth considering. I’ll know that’s true when Spiked publishes one of their scorn pieces on it.

For example, in her elimination from Dancing with the Stars, according to the Daily Mail (25th April 2007) Heather Mills “made a bizarre plea to the audience to go vegan, suggesting they take part in a ‘No Meat Monday'”.

In the Times Higher (20 April 2007), professor of sociology David Nibert wrote (behind a subscription)

“For human beings concerned about the ongoing oppression of humans, cows and other animals becoming a vegan may be the most effective political action of a lifetime.”

Yesterday, getting vegan shampoo from Lush on Carnaby St (while trying to avoid inhaling the chemical cocktail pall which hangs over the shop), I was given a ticket for a makeover at B Cosmetics, a grotesque place styled like maghreb cathouse, which is nevertheless almost 100% vegan (I’m told). I went in, got my ‘make-over’ (which consisted of having my eyes and lips plastered in muck) and left without buying anything. Though I now know I suit the colour bronze.

Crossing into Covent Garden to look for canvas shoes for work (when to be honest all I want, really, is Gola jazz shoes – white) and realising that all the nice ones cost silly money I strayed into Birkenstock where I found, in the north-east corner on the top shelf, a vegan range. I left with black vegan Milanos sandals – with backstrap – and although I’ve got mixed feelings about their appearance at least they’re vegan (maybe I should write to Gola though) and, with the discount I negotiated for having to take a display shoe, only cost a few quid more than anything else, and can be repaired. And they are, after all, terribly good for my poor abused little trotters.

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