Lily Allen on my dartboard – I aim at her Nikes

I’m picking up on a pattern amongst celebrities. Like Nigel Slater (earlier post), there are some things Lily Allen just can’t deny herself.

She wouldn’t advertise Coca-Cola or Slimfast because they would “jeopardise her career” but Nike:

“I really like Nike trainers! I’m quite open about the fact that it’s like a guilty pleasure for me, with the sweatshop aspect… They’ve sent me loads and I’m designing my own trainer with them.” (from

“I disagree with a lot of things that go on with major companies like that — the way they kind of exploit other people, maybe — but at the same time I love wearing Nike trainers (laughs), and they’re the only trainers that I wear…” (from

Great, Lily. You’re so honest. You’re so “refreshingly frank” (Daniel Robson in the Japan Times). You’re really being true to yourself. That’s all that counts. Don’t let anything stand in the way of your self actualisation – definitely not a heart that bleeds for Nike labourers. Nobody likes a preachy girl, after all – borrrrrrrrrrrrrrrringgggggggg.

I’m sure those shoe people will understand where you’re coming from, Lily. Just like you, they probably have guilty pleasures themselves, right?



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