Yvonne Roberts on my dartboard

For being lazy, and a bully, and starting fights.

Via my hand-wringing mother who is trying to fight the online racists who hate Israel for reasons that they should also, but don’t, hate China, Sri Lankan factions, Zimbabwe, to name a few. I see that YR writes, on Comment Is Free (ughhhh, what a dismaying place that is for a true-minded social democrat):

“However, a double standard pertains. The Israeli treatment of Palestinians shows a total disregard for human rights. Apartheid doesn’t seem to me to be too strong a word – and its consequence, as many have pointed out, is a recruitment drive for Islamic fundamentalists.”

without any reference to the standards by which she identifies ‘total disregard’ nor ‘apartheid’. Nobody on there seems to bother citing sources for anything they say. They just wait to see whether somebody bothers to refute it and if nobody does, God help us, it stands. (Ha, Clay Shirky, suddenly that way of running an encyclopedia isn’t looking so solid).

On that post, djman responded today:

“Or is Yvonne having selective anger, perhaps because of her age and presumed dotage?”

No, djman, I don’t accept that age has anything to do with it. I think it’s more likely to beĀ because she’s stupid and ignorant.


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