‘Vegan offensive’ – Bristol Vegan Fayre

I made a wicked butterbean houmous on Friday night round EJ’s.

But I failed to find a decent vegan group on Facebook. However, if you find veganism threatening enough to draw you to vegan bashing, look no further.

And, meatists, why don’t come to Bristol Vegan Fayre to get yourselves even more offended. According to this press release (which came to me via Google Alerts which is keeping me terribly well informed about this kind of niche stuff) Tim Barford has made startling progress in organising a coalition of not only animal rights orgs, but also environmentalists, waste management bodies, health professionals and even Amnesty.

http://www.bristolveganfayre.co.uk/home.htm. Our day approaches. 😉


2 thoughts on “‘Vegan offensive’ – Bristol Vegan Fayre

  1. Hope to see you there at The Vegan Festival on the 9th and 10th June!

    Live Bands, fashion Show, Food, pirates, vegan ice cream, vegan caviar, vegan kebabs, speakers, music, fun, cookery demos.

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