UCU Congress: International and European (Israel). And a better campaign from NAFSA.

It’s good to try and get an international perspective on UCU’s obsession with Israel.

The UCU Congress 2007 business relating to Israel (also some far less contended business related to Iraq, Columbia and migration).

Meanwhile NAFSA 2007 Conference (NAFSA is the largest union of international Educators) demands that Iran release Haleh Esfandiari.

Based on a search of the site and of the document above, those at UCU who are so concerned (and rightly so) to problematise Palestinian rights to education under Israeli occupation are entirely ignoring Iran’s treatment of dissenting academics such as Haleh Esfandiari. Haleh has joint Iranian / US nationality. The hijackers at UCU hate the US – I’d suggest they’re willing to sacrifice academics to express that hatred.

UCU also persists in ignoring the dangers faced by Palestinian bridge-building academics from the more authoritarian factions in Palestine, described by scholars at the Olive Tree Trust, for example. This blinkered and ill-proportioned concept of international work is typical of both the UCU and NATFHE – unsurprising to see it carried into UCU.


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