Bloody Amazon

Their carrier damages my order in transit and I’m expected to make another purchase and receive a refund once the damaged order (which they realise I never received) is returned to them? That’s an outrageous suggestion.

I wrote on their poxy message system: contacted me to tell me that my order was “damaged in transit”. The email also advised:

“In a case like this we request you to place a new order for the same
item and once this package returns to us you will be refunded the
complete amount.”

I think it is reasonable for me to ask you for a replacement without my having to make a second purchase and so avoid having to follow up on the refund. Please either send a replacement or refund me. I look forward to hearing from you with your decision.


One thought on “Bloody Amazon

  1. You too!
    I asked the credit card company to recover the funds and they did.
    The company then made a refund.
    I am waiting for them to notice.

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