This evening, under laptop and academic boycott.

Iranian prosecutors are getting their charge against Haleh Esfandiari’s media-ready. If I prayed, I’d pray for her. As it is, I guess I’ll write again…

Read part of the chapter on academia in Nick Cohen’s What’s Left?. Feel quite uncertain about whether my heart is in the decent left place.

Email Sally Hunt to urge her to ballot quickly.

See a lot of the national press is against the boycott. Look at pro-boycott sites for balance.

Notice that BRICUP’s ugly little academic boycott site site has not updated its news section since 31st May. Notice that the front page post of PACBI is dated 30th May. Wonderment.

Notice on the PACBI site (which reproduces a J Post article by Jonny Paul) that

Following the vote at their annual conference last week, the UCU will be obliged to circulate a Palestinian call to boycott Israel to all local branches, support a speaking tour by Palestinian academics, encourage members to “consider the moral implications of links with Israeli academic institutions” and campaign for a “moratorium on research and cultural collaborations with Israel via European Union and European Science Foundation funding.”

Decide to try to price the boycott campaign by finding out about the nature of the “support” (e.g. does it include reimbursal for consumables, travel and accommodation?) and the cost of the promised ballot.

Identify that there’s a 1% political levy from each UCU subscription (first raised on a good discussion thread further to Shalom Lappin’s Engage post on leaving UCU) Note my right to opt out of this.

Think about the boycotters with no new insights.


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