Electronic Intifada – big farts in troubled waters. Oil from Tabsir.

Another small bit of evidence (which reluctantly, because I feel like half of a feuding couple collecting proof of the other half’s transgressions, I’ve started to collect) to hold up to people who insist that when Israel gets out of the West Bank its troubles will be over. In It’s Not Just the Occupation, the Electronic Intifada, agitates for an end Jewish self-determination – meaning to end to Israel. It offers no reassurances that Jewish Israelis will keep their rights and property in a region with a bad reputation for abusing its Jews (in fact, when Israel was established, the vast majority of Jews in the region were expelled from their states of residence many of whom subsequently relocated to Israel), and no acknowledgement of Jewish fears for the future. It reduces complicated circumstances into nouns like ‘colonialism’ and appropriates Settlers’ arguments.

The slogan “end the occupation” has come to mean all things to all people. For Israel’s ruling elites, the quisling leaders of Fateh and the Quartet it can even include Israel’s permanent annexation of most settlements. Demanding an end to the occupation only so Israel can continue to function as a racist ethnocracy within “recognized borders” is not a progressive position any more than supporting apartheid South Africa’s bantustans would have been.

Because Israel’s colonialism harms all Palestinians, not just those living in the 1967 occupied territories, we cannot limit ourselves to demanding that the 40-year old infrastructure of military dictatorship be dismantled in the West Bank and Gaza. We must simultaneously demand the abolition of all racist laws throughout the country, including those allowing foreign Jews to immigrate while Palestinians are kept out, as well as discrimination in land allocation, housing, education and the economy.”


Plus – and I missed this – back in April, going to have to tweak my Google Alert – UK doctors are calling for the expulsion of the Israeli Medical Association from the World Medical Assocation http://www.palsolidarity.org/main/2007/04/24/pacbi-boycott/. But the British Medical Association doesn’t have much truck with boycott, to its credit.

Gabriele Marranci, UCU member, Aberdeen anthropologist, writes against the boycott on Tabsir, a blog that has a picture of Osama bin Laden,  conspicuously visible on its front page – surely the most photogenic, limpid-eyed, terror-mongering fascist the world has ever seen.


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