How successful learners do it


Directly and indirectly via that cuddly old bear Stephen Downes (I dare say he would not like that but he can’t catch me, so nuh-nuh).

Tom Haskins discusses the attributes of fortunate and unfortunate learners. I hope it’s not all down to luck, else we can all go home now and get on with the eugenics. Don’t worry, I’m just being melodramatic – the piece gives insight into the practices of one self-styled ‘successful learner’.

And – another chance to look over the shoulder of a deliberate and reflective learner – Ray Sims has kindly flow-charted his entire technology-enhanced personal learning activity, from the small well-defined learning objectives to the big sprawling ones, with plenty of annotation. It’s really interesting to see how he integrates and sequences his use of new technologies. A lot remains unsaid of course, and I wonder how cleanly this works in practice, but it’s really thought-provoking to see it all mapped out like that.


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