Sue Blackwell trips herself, Jon Pike commentates

Engage reports how Sue Blackwell springs to the defence of a group of laid-off staff at Birmingham who happened to be BME.  Jon Pike sent an acid reply. My stars, in all her earnestness Sue Blackwell appears not to have a clue what the academic boycott she espouses implies. But Idiot (a cipher for pro-boycott rationale I think) comments:

“The difference is, of course, that you can’t be racist against Jews because Jews are white, are not oppressed and are not excluded from employment or other spheres of society.  Jews are part of the ruling class, not the working class; Jews are pro imperialist, not anti-imperialist; Jews support the Zionists, not the Palestinians.

At one time racism against Jews was possible, but not now.  It is conceivable in theory that at some point in the future, racism against Jews will again be possible, but it is not possible now.”

Cipher or not, I know of plenty of people who will defend whoever has a smaller stick than their opponent, regardless of their values. Dispicable underdoggism. Eck.


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