Barkingside High Street watch

People of Barkingside can never have too much of Onur Kebab’s chilli sauce but what I don’t really understand is their culinary conservativism. They may be Turkish but I can’t see what they have against a nod to the lower Med with the addition of falafel to the menu. But I get nowhere with them. Can’t somebody else have a go?

Elsewhere on the High St, I noted with concern that the juice bar was shut last Saturday – hope they’re doing alright. The new Costcutter proprietor winced when I asked him how business was. And there’s a new cafe which was once – hmm –  shoe shop?  And there’s another vacant lot (former clothes shop?) which has been fitted out like a cafe. It’s been many months since the bakers at Yossi’s made wholemeal pitta. Chubby Panda (formerly Royal China) does well at the weekend, but the food is on the rich, greasy side. A fruit and veg warehouse has opened where the firework shop used to be, near the police station.

I already said it – if we go on like this, the entire High St will be edible.  Saints preserve the stationers, the hardware store, the discount shop with the fibreoptics back room, the lingerie shop with the kinky back room, the clairvoyant/florist, and St Frances Hospice to which I owe my (Matt disowns most of these) embroidered bird, standard lamp, wardrobe and dressing table set, marquetry fish, Baby brooch, cross stitched Tuscan scene, and untold numbers of books and records. I hope that the pet shop, which breaks my heart, is outlawed soon and the piles of sleeping kittens and rabbits are released to loving homes.

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