Hide your I.P.

Not that it matters to me – my 68 readers are mostly mute in the face of my wisdom – but if you feel the need to obfuscate your identity on the Web or even maybe, like some disingenuous people I know, have a little conversation with yourself on a blog message board to strengthen your point, do take precautions lest your IP address give you away and show you for a naive computer user:



4 thoughts on “Hide your I.P.

  1. My wife does a lot of 419 scam-baiting which can get quite nasty, so she always switches Tor on before ever pressing ‘Send’ on the web, even in various webmail apps. TorButton is particularly useful if you want to turn it on and off quickly – and it has a cute little onion icon too!

  2. So you don’t mind me knowing where you work?

    My site stat thingy tells me that someone has accessed my site from a link on the Fleshisgrass stats page [password protected] and it also gives the name of the institution [as well as IP] from where that access was made. Presumably FIGs workplace? It does tie in with the Bio 🙂

  3. In acknowledgement of the trends on my stats page – i.e. more than a few randoms searching for “Victoria Coren and Bryan Ferry” (one of my more popular posts) seem to be reading this blog, I realise that it may actually be necessary to carry out some maintenance if I want to remain pseudonymous. So I selectively use Tor now, thank you Veg. Well I think I do – couldn’t really make sense of the instructions to test whether I am *really* using Tor, or whether I’ve blithely downloaded and installed a bit of malware. I’ll get round to that someday. And my rather revealing profile, which is my second most popular post this month. Weird.

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