Just one more bit of fine spam

I think Jonathan Safran Foer is writing Anatr1m ads:

Take advantage of the opportunity! – Anatr1m – The very up-to-date  most attracting product for corpulent people is now available – as could be seen on Oprah

Do you retain all the cases when you plead to yourself to do any thing for being rescued from this horrible number of lbs? Fortunately, now no big price is to be paid. Thanks to Anatr1m, the ground-shaking, you can get healthier mode of life and a really slender figure. Notice what people say to us!

“I had always led an incredible private life until a year back a girl I was dating told me I was portly and in want of being attentive to my health. Life had changed the wrong way after that, until I found Anatr1m at once. Since getting rid of more than 18 kilogrammes thanx to Anatr1m, my private life’s back on track, notoriously better than before even. Great deal of thanx to you for the coolest product and the first-class maintenance service. Keep on the worthy business!” Serge Smith, Boston.

(Despite the 1s, I don’t think this practice of sharing spam affecting my ratings. Although one person did arrive here via the search “Does megadik work”.)


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