Moby protests the flatulence of cows. Proposals to ease it.

Moby rightly criticises organisers of LiveEarth for allowing meat to be sold at the concerts. He writes on his blog (I hope he doesn’t mind if I add some capital letters here and there):

“Livestock production is responsible for the release of more greenhouse gases than every car or suv or pickup-truck on the planet. I’ve asked this before, but why wasn’t this fact included in ‘Inconvenient Truth’?
when the major news media report on global warming why do they rarely (if at all) discuss the role of livestock production in climate change? It’s kind of like talking about the causes of the civil war and forgetting to mention slavery and abolitionism. Or talking about someone with lung cancer and neglecting to mention that they smoked 2 packs of cigarettes a day. Yesterday at the ‘Live Earth’ concerts people were eating hamburgers and hot dogs and chicken, which is akin to getting drunk at the funeral for someone who died of alcohol poisoning.”

(Reminds me of the debate about mentioning anti-semitism in the anti-boycott argument, palatable or not.)

(To be fair, I think it might be OK to drink at the funeral for someone who died of alcohol poisoning.)

Even if I didn’t respect animals I’d still be vegan for environmental reasons. And I’d still scoff at the idea reported in today’s Guardian that more digestible foodstuff – those higher in sugars such as white clover and birds trefoil – can make our beef and dairy industry green. The greenest animal farm I’ve seen is the Netherland’s Pig City, plans for a stylish, environmentally-optimised residence for pigs which recycles solid, liquid and gaseous waste and, being a high rise, has a small physical footprint too. Pig City would be a technological triumph if it weren’t part of a system of imprisonment, coercion, rupture of social units and, ultimately, needless death. And if it didn’t require that large tracts of land be commandeered for growing monoculture animal feed.  Between that and biofuel (which is already pushing up the price of maize), I despair.


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