AIC – Palestinians want reconciliation between political leaders

From the Alternative Information Centre – Palestinians are losing faith in their political leaders and want reconciliation.

“Fafo [Norwegian Institute for Applied International Studies] carried out an opinion poll of 1,953 adult individuals in the West Bank and Gaza Strip in the period 2-12 July. The study entailed face-to-face interviews with persons aged 18 years and older. It gathered information on all household members’ living conditions and the selected individuals’ attitudes regarding current political affairs, elections, the security situation, and relations with Israel. The poll was funded by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.”


  • If there were an election now, Fatah would win. Hamas’ support has slipped since last year
  • 85% (91% of Hamas supporters and 75% of Fatah supporters) want negotiations
  • 47% of Hamas supporters believe it will attempt to take over the West Bank by violent means
  • 84% blame Israel for the current situation
  • 83% of Hamas supporters and 20% of Fatah supporters (total 44%) want to see Islamic Law established in Gaza, and most of those want the same for the West Bank
  • 73% have no trust in the Quartet, only 31% have trust in the governments of Fayyad or Haniyeh, and 32% have trust in Parliament
  • 40% say they wouldn’t vote in elections
  • 59% of the polled expressed general fear for the security of their households (WB 34%; Gaza 54%).
  • Only 28% of Palestinians over 15 had worked in the week prior to the interview; 38% said that their household would fail to provide their basic needs if the economy remained the same
  • Only 7% of respondents believe Tony Blair is the right man for his new peace envoy job
  • 58% (WB 78%; Gaza 50%) want peace talks with Israel to resume, a decline from 78% in December 2006. People who vote for Fatah are much more supportive of peace negotiations than those who vote for Hamas, at 74% and 29% respectively.

Employment, law and order, cooperation, trustworthy leaders. And a state.

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