BMJ Israel boycott poll predictably lures the antisemites.

Nice to return from holiday to this round-up of reasons to say yes to the boycott by Eve Garrard on Normblog. A sample:

It’s time the zionists stopped milking the holocaust industry. Jews haven’t been victims in decades. They are now the victimizers, the persecutors, the oppressors. Too bad the only lesson they learned from Hitler was how to treat Palestinians the way they were treated. Shameful!

Sick and tired of Israel crying victim. Israel is a bully and an abomination which should not be allowed to continue existing as a Jewish state. This would never be tolerated if it were any other so-called democracy, but Israel thinks its chosen status allows it to murder and plunder with impunity.

Arabs are not allowed to attend Israeli Universities or not given permission to travel to these universities, and they had been silent about this for quite some time…

The world needs to show Israel its genocidal policies towards the Palestinians is unacceptable.

Zionism is the new Naziism…

Israel is a fraud. It is not a defenseless little state surrounded by enemies. Israel has NEVER been attacked. Israel is nothing less than an arrogant bully propped up by an American government which is bought and paid for by zionist lobbyists.

Israel is a racist state which practices the worst kind of apartheid…

Israel is a white, racist state that occupies another people…

Most of the Israeli academic staff do support the genocide against Palastenians.

Because they are the root of ALL EVIL

Israel is the main root for all the problems in the world, especially its bruitality towards Phalestinians.

this country is the main problem in the world,has no consideration to other humans other than juish.

Because the Israelis treat Palestinians as the Americans treated the red indians ,they want to slaughter as many as they can and the rest to put them in reservations for the benefit of far they are succeeding with the ‘divine’ inspiration of ‘dear’ Mr Bush .

Because Israeli is an Apartheid state that can be stopped through pressure sparing both Palestinian and Israeli lives. This genocide cannot continue.

Universities in Israel are only for Jews ie those born of a Jewish mother. Arabs are not allowed in universities and when they get a grant to travel abroad to study are not given permission to do so.

Israel is one of the most dangerous countries on earth. It has taken the land from its rightful owners, and it is no better than South Africa once was.

… jews are trouble maker and they are not used to listen to arguments.they should be bycotted as south africa was bycotted and their special privilege and treatment and immunity to criticism should put to an end.

because they are all liers and killers and deamons !

She refutes some of the main libels (Israeli institutions have many Arab students e.g. 30% at Haifa; the population of Palestinians has grown from 700k to an estimated 4-6m since 1948 – not “slow motion genocide”; Israel is not the most murderous country in the Middle East – others I can’t quote have responded in detail on the hijacking of the term ‘Zionism’, which, vigorously contested, is at its basis the movement for Jewish self-determination and only for a small extremist minority an expression of Jewish ethnosupremacy or divine entitlement), notes the disjunction between the sanitised rationale given by leading pro-boycotters and what their supporters think and say, and comments:

“Tom Hickey, and many other pro-boycotters, say that the charge of anti-Semitism is absurd, but many of the quotations above are clearly anti-Semitic. And the pro-boycotters also say (very very frequently) that the charge of anti-Semitism is offensive, but I imagine that Hickey et al might find being falsely charged with committing genocide even more offensive. Why do pro-boycotters like himself not show any concern about the kind of filth, displayed above, which the pro-boycott case attracts? Why do they not do something to dissociate themselves and their case from this kind of support, something more focused than giving general motherhood-and-apple-pie statements against racism?”

But boycott activists protected by UCU resolution 30 feel free to, and do, ignore the magnetic attraction their boycott represents to antisemites. I’ve thought about why this might be and can only come up with bad reasons. They believe they can harness the anti-Jewish energy to achieve their aims. Leading on from that, they seriously believe that manufacturing a conflict of interest between Jews and non-Jews will help to break US world hegemony and solve a perceived clash of civilisations exascerbated by Jews in the US who wield disproportionate influence. On a more modest scale, maybe they realise that support for boycott is energised by anti-semitism and therefore have decided to accommodate it. Maybe boycott activists don’t acknowledge that the above examples are anti-semitic and consider them fair points. Maybe insist on the critical importance of going ahead with the boycott and will not allow anti-semites to divert them from it. Maybe they are too proud to back away from their stained boycott. Maybe they’re prepared to sacrifice the decency of their debate in order to keep Israel’s conduct live in the news, and so maintain pressure on Israel to hasten the Palestinian state. These are all bad reasons to ignore the antisemitic nature of support for the boycott. I can’t think of any good ones. Not having a BMJ sub, I can’t find the results Eve went through (I think they were available before the survey closed) but if they are representative – and she writes that they are – then they’re further evidence that the boycott is playing with fire.


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