Abbas and Olmert at peace summit this Monday

Reported in the Jerusalem Post. Given that the final status issues are the borders, the settlements, the return of refugees and Jerusalem, I’m not concrete about the difference is between “principles of a final settlement” and “final status talks”, which are scheduled for a regional conference later this year. They seem to include Palestinian negotiation for the release of more prisoners, lifting of checkpoints and cessation of work on the security barrier.

Meanwhile, Moscow was reported to be downgrading its links with political pariahs Hamas, “the only purpose of which … would be to restore peace”, and strengthening them with Fatah.


One thought on “Abbas and Olmert at peace summit this Monday

  1. From Ha’aretz ( – the roadmap and Arab League initiative will be the basis for a final peace settlement.

    “The negotiations on renewing the diplomatic talks between the two sides have reached fruition,” Erekat said Monday. “What we now need is decisions by the two leaders. We do not need to do anything new for a regional summit, but to clarify the existing initiatives and the signed agreements. We support the Arab [League] initiative and the road map as the basis for this summit.”

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