OneVoice – be one of One Million Voices to end the Israel/Palestine conflict

OneVoice logoOne Million Voices

October 18th, 2007

OneVoice, a non-partisan mainstream nationalist movement working in Israel and Palestine for an end to the conflict, will organize separate, simultaneous public summits in Tel Aviv, Jericho and Jerusalem, with international “Echo” events in London, Washington D.C. and Ottawa. The summits will be broadcast via satellite for the world to see the international solidarity towards ending the conflict. Hundreds of thousands are expected to participate and to add their signatures to the OneVoice mandate for a two-state solution.

For five years, OneVoice has been working on the ground in Israel and Palestine to build a dynamic network of ordinary citizens working within their own societies to amplify the moderate Israeli and Palestinian voices.  Frustrated with ongoing instability in the region, the recent crisis in Gaza and lack of progress, the OneVoice Movement announced on August 1st that nearly 500,000 Palestinian and Israeli citizens have united to demand immediate, ongoing, uninterrupted negotiations until a comprehensive two-state agreement is achieved. OneVoice has committed to recruit one million signatories to join the movement by October.

Read the mandate and sign online.

Find out more about the Echo events – turn up on October 18th in support of Israelis and Palestinians reclaiming their agenda from people outside the region.


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