In Gaza

From earlier this week, Jane Corbin reports from Gaza for Panorama (YouTube, 5 chunks).  She talks to victims of Fatah-Hamas roof-top infighting, bereaved and tortured family members from rival factions, an IDF major, Qassam rocket-makers, and Haniyeh himself. Her assessment is that Hamas is getting weaker by the day but, with 70,000 unemployed because of the blockade and food practically hand-to-mouth, the impact of Fatah corruption, Hamas putsch and Israeli blockade is going to last for generations.

Jerusalem Post reports that Haniyeh’s spokesman, Ghazi Hamad, quit over Hamas’ failure to negotiate with Fatah, and also that Iran acknowledges funding Hamas as well as Hizballah.

On Lebanese TV, so-called moderate, Hamas’ Osama Hamdan justifies suicide bombings killing civilians in ‘so-called Israel’ (transcript).

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