Gaby’s is a very nice place

Gaby’s is a place of long standing where grown-up people’s mums and dads used to eat.

There I had a small cold salad plate and my friend a small hot salad plate and hot cheesecake. It’s licensed, the staff are sweet, they do wine in half bottles and the small plates aren’t small.

Plenty for a vegan (though there’s also meat) .

And there was I assuming for the past decade that anything on a main road in the West End had to be useless. What else have I missed?


4 thoughts on “Gaby’s is a very nice place

  1. Gaby’s is my favourite place to eat in the West End! Wonderful food, really cheap and the staff there are the best.
    But today I had a salt beef sandwich that rivaled theirs – at the Cock and Bottle in Notting Hill. But they didn’t also offer Latkes so they lose.

  2. I like the Indian YMCA and also the gluttonous vegan Tai Buffet on Greek St. I used to love Cafe Emm on Frith but things are different now I’m vegan.

    Where else is good? I know I said that people from London were parochial but you seem to know what’s where 😉

  3. I used to eat in gabby’s every day.. I particularly like their falaffal’s.

    For Salt Beef sandwiches (not Kosher) I do suggest the salt beef bar in Selfridges. Very good ijndeed. If you like to sit down somewhere and have more of a restaurant experience then I suggest Harry Morgan in St John’s Wood. If you want Kosher then sadly I feel that Kosher food in London is quite poor. I did have a reasonable meal in 86 in Hendon.. but possibly the best Kosher food place I have been o of late is in Bushey (maybe Bushey Heath) called something like Canteen- It’s a “milky” restaurant and hence plenty of vegetarian stuff. Ample portions – I must say I was impressed!

  4. I already had falafel that day, but they looked well nice!

    When the old man and I have something important to celebrate we go to Manna in Primrose Hill or Rasa in Stoke Newington which is my favourite restaurant full stop. In Ilford it’s Sri Rathiga for paper dosa. Sometimes I want to go to Sharod in Barkingside only for their saag bhaji which is superlative, don’t know how they do it.

    I get resentful in milky kosher places – everyone eats cheesecake, which is something I seriously wish I still ate.

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