Fullwell Cross news

Fullwell Cross LibraryFullwell Cross library (pictured) is an atmospheric place with its own unique and peace-inducing odour and a particular quality of light (although inside things get a bit strange – there’s a section for ‘Computers / Paranormal’ and the staff seem to communicate without words).

Next to it is the newly refurbished swimming pool (one of two in the borough) where Matt, Neil, Brian etc learned to swim.

So Redbridge Council, if you’re thinking about knocking them down forget it. There’ll be no need for a £50k feasibility study – it’s incompatible with regeneration. And hands of fairlop oak junior, too.

Walking away from the high street the skies are big over Fullwell Avenue. One reason for this is that the trees are young. Why? What happened to the old trees?

Photograph: Fullwell Cross Library by Nicobobinus on Flickr.


2 thoughts on “Fullwell Cross news

  1. The trees down Fullwell Avenue are young because they were planted for the millennium celebrations. The houses allong Fullwell “Avenue” near the High Street were built in the 1930s and trees were promised. Residents had to wait 60 plus years for those trees to be planted! And what did the twits plant? Small-growing ornamental trees? No. Blasted great oak trees whose roots are already cracking the tarmac along the pavement!
    I’m a great veliever in the Peter Principle: Every employee rises to his level of incompetence. (Except me, of course. I hit a glass ceiling years ago.)

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