Islamofascism Awareness Week – was 9/11 really Pearl Harbour?

As far as I’m concerned religions are institutions in which people combine to express their overlapping personal, and often mystical, convictions. There’s more to it than that. Religion can fill gaps where families and other social institutions used to be. Places of worship can be places where new immigrants find support and people who share their experiences.

I’ve been following the campaign against Israel for long enough to know how powerfully the juxtaposition of certain words can create very bad impressions. So David Horowitz’s approaching Islamofascism Awareness Week, ominously described as the ‘biggest conservative campus protest ever’ and publicised as part of the ‘Terrorism Awareness Project’ is going to have to work harder than hard to keep the right side of Islamophobia and to shake off the nasty, ignorant Islamophobes it will attract. Unsurprisingly there’s alarm at the prospect

“…this could be an American krystalnacht for Muslims.”

An early response to the event from Tabsir blogger Gabriele Marranci who challenges the propagandist application of the term ‘fascist’ to Muslim supremacists and observes that the David Horowitz Freedom Centre and supporters:

“sometimes, are too reminiscent of that pre-Fascism Mussolinian rhetoric of ‘Civilization’, ‘Intellectual enemies’, autarkism, real Truths, essentialisation, and populist slogan-based rhetoric”.

(Tu quoque, dhummie.)

And here on Pixelisation quoting Niall Ferguson:

[W]hat we see at the moment is an attempt to interpret our present predicament in a rather caricatured World War II idiom. I mean, “Islamofascism” illustrates the point well, because it’s a completely misleading concept. In fact, there’s virtually no overlap between the ideology of al Qaeda and fascism. It’s just a way of making us feel that we’re the “greatest generation” fighting another World War, like the war our fathers and grandfathers fought. You’re translating a crisis symbolized by 9/11 into a sort of pseudo World War II. So, 9/11 becomes Pearl Harbor and then you go after the bad guys who are the fascists, and if you don’t support us, then you must be an appeaser.


2 thoughts on “Islamofascism Awareness Week – was 9/11 really Pearl Harbour?

  1. Those who underestimate the Islamic thread have yet not understood what they deal with!

    They, if they have the chance to, are going to erode, infiltrate, attack, and do what ever they can do destroy our civilization. I’m not talking not about the average hard working muslim I’m talking about the losers of society who seek refuge and meaning in the third and after fascism and communism most destructive ideology.
    Not just that, they would also destroy those Muslims living in the West, if they are identifying with the values of their host countries!

    So many Muslims take side, they are allergic against critics, and we take side, because leftist or multi culture utopists are selling our identity to foreign cultures because it will help them to dominate! It’s inevitable, the conflict is inevitable and it will have an impact bigger than that of World War 2! Those who know it, are preparing to build the forefront to defend our values and identity!

    It’s not that we want to fight because we want to follow our grand fathers it’s because we have to fight! We’re in an ideological war where leftist who dominate the mainstream media make people feel bad about themselves if they distinguish themselves from other cultures (particular those backwarded and intolerant ones) not just that they blame them to be racists! Which is not true Muslims are not a race. You can’t tell who’s Muslim just by looking at the skin colour, or by his or her name in the ID card, you can only tell by their attitude to put faith and the identity of being Muslim before the identity of the host country (in your case American, in my case German) This awareness week is important, the facts have to be brought to the minds of reasonable people, they themselves will realize and decide where the threats come from, maybe for now it’s subtle but this will change and we are not going to bow… we’re not making the translation of the word Islam = subjugation our program!
    for now it’s just the ideology but open conflict will come, history has shown and it will repeat itself this time, not now… but as I said for sure in the coming decades! Hate yourself and the civilization you grew up in and become a Dhimmi or protest and fight without being a racist but simply a citizen of the West!

  2. To call it an ‘Islamic threat’ is an inflammatory and discriminatory way of viewing the situation which invites people to distrust and fear all Muslims and hurts precisely the “average hard working muslim” who has your blessing.

    Yes there is a threat – an ideological and violent threat – from totalitarians who have warped Islam into a reason for repression, aggression and terror.

    Muslims in the UK (I’m from the UK) are experiencing a great deal of criticism at the moment, some of which is valid but insensitively formulated, other of which is bigotted. Muslims experience some of the same kinds of ‘criticism’ that Jews do – the dual loyalty canard being one example which you demonstrate – and other specific types of ‘criticism’ such as judgements made about Muslim women from positions of ignorance. We must at all costs avoid the threat from Islamic fundamentalists leading to the demonisation of Muslims in general. Not only would this be a betrayal of moderates, it would also be counterproductive in neutralising the threat from extremists.

    When you deny that Muslims who are being demonised are victims of racism and then fail to provide an alternative descriptor for the prejudice against them, I get the strong suspicion that you are mincing words in the most disingenuous way to make light of a very real and growing prejudice against Muslim for being Muslim.

    At the same time I agree that we must resist the readiness of many left-wing revolutionary elements in UK and US to embrace the Islamic fundamentalists such as Hamas, Hezbollah, and Al Quaeda – as standard bearers of revolution against the ‘imperialist’ power of the US and its allies. It is stupid and dangerous to ignore the medieval values, racism, homophobia and misogyny of these organisations, their totalitarianism, intolerance of dissent, and light dealing with the lives of the people they aim to control.

    I will be fighting this, but not by trying to demonise Islam, the religion of conscience for so many peaceful people.

    When you write as you do – which may be heartfelt but which is nevertheless propaganda – you will make bigotted, simplistic, ignorant and – yes – racist friends.

    If you want to campaign against totalitarians who use Islam as a tool to unite their followers, you should also go and read the koran (and not just so that you can selectively quote the violent bits – you could find enough incitement to violence from the Old Testament to do a lot of damage to Jews too), talk to Muslims about their faith and its intersection with religion, and engage in interfaith work – make a clear distinction between what you fear and Muslims in general.

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