On John Dugard, U.N. Special Rapporteur on Palestinian Human Rights in the Occupied Territories

Joel Pollack (Harvard academic lawyer?) reports John Dugard’s recent warm-up for the “Israel=Apartheid” conference in Boston.

Dugard’s rhetorical strategy is to make false and facile equations between Israel and apartheid South Africa. When challenged, he backs down, but not before placing another false analogy on the table, or simply making up facts. His big lie tonight was to claim that the Jewish Agency pioneered the use of suicide bombings. He cited Walt and Mearsheimer as his source; even they make no such claim.

When I challenged him, Dugard backtracked, but added that the Irgun had used terrorism in the 1940s (not mentioning that the Jewish Agency had condemned it). Dugard also said the following about Palestinian suicide bombings: “Without justifying it, I think one can understand it.” He also dismissed Palestinian terror, saying the South African government also once labeled its opponents “terrorists.”

(Incidentally, John Dugard doesn’t support the academic boycott.)


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