Puffballs and parasols

If I don’t show at work tomorrow it’s because I’ve made myself ill with ‘wild food’ from Hainault Forest. And if I die I’d like teachers to use my story as a cautionary tale in local schools.

Puffball mushrooms from Hainault Forest

These look alright, don’t they? Cooked them and what I’m pretty sure were shaggy parasols up in a bit of olive oil and ate them on their own – delicious.


3 thoughts on “Puffballs and parasols

  1. I hope you are not foraging sporadically for fungi, matching your fungal treasure to a picture in a book, and after contemplating that it matches the non-poisonous variety, eating it?

    If you are doing this, please buy a life insurance policy from Pink Floyds of London and make me your beneficiary. I’ll give you my account number so you can direct deposit the funds into my account. I’ll pay your premium.

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